51 Senate hopefuls support anticorruption bills; politicians’ interest still high

In the past few days, scores of citizens have met with Senate candidates to find out if they support the anticorruption standards recommended by the Reconstruction of the State platform. In the first two weeks alone, 51 Senate hopefuls pledged support for the initiative. Some candidates have in the past helped to expose well-known clientelist cases and squandering public funds.

51 Senate hopefuls support anticorruption bills; politicians’ interest still high

“The interest among citizens to talk to their candidates shows no signs of abating. The same goes for the candidates’ commitment to express their views on the reconstruction bills. Although hailing from various political parties, they all share one conviction: these measures are necessary. Of importance to us is also support from the candidates engaged in fighting the abuse of public funds,” says Nikola Hořejš from Reconstruction of the State.

Support has been expressed e.g. by Martin Bursík (TOP 09), Václav Hampl (KDU-ČSL, Green Party), Václav Láska (KDU-ČSL, Pirates, Greens) or Stanislav Štěch (ČSSD). Brno inputs have arrived from e.g. Zdeněk Papoušek (KDU-ČSL) and Miroslava Pošvářová (Greens). In North Bohemia, we have the support of whistleblower Leo Steiner (KDU-ČSL), in the Olomouc Region we have Antonín Prachař (ANO) and Jitka Seitlová (KDU-ČSL, Greens). An updated list is enclosed to this press release.

Senators’ support is crucial especially for an amendment which extends the powers of the Supreme Audit Office. This constitutional change was passed by the Chamber of Deputies on two occasions, but repeatedly rejected by incumbent Senators.

At the end of September, Reconstruction of the State will issue a summary evaluation of political parties’ record on delivering on their pre-election promise to promote nine anticorruption bills. The report will be supported by many well-known entrepreneurs, dissatisfied with the parties’ shelving their commitments. The NGO platform will review the year elapsed from the previous election campaign, when Lower House candidates and political parties massively pledged support for the project. It is estimated that copies of this “Anticorruption Voter’s Guide” will reach more than one million households in district capitals. Details are available on the Reconstruction of the State website.

Senate candidates have received letters from prominent public figures, such as economic experts Zdeněk Kudrna and Miroslav Zámečník, industrialists Zbyněk Frolík and Vratislav Kulhánek, head of the Czech Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Smallholders Eva Svobodová, or actress Simona Babčáková, urging them to support a constitutional amendment, which would ensure independent inspection of municipalities and municipal firms.

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