Reconstruction meets with ANO movement leaders

A the end of November we met with the ANO Movement’s leader Andrej Babiš, and Deputies Radek Vondráček and Jan Sedláček, who are guarantors in the ANO parliamentary club.

What were the results of this meeting?

  • We agreed on a further cooperation in the form of regular meetings, so we can obtain information updates on the preparation of various laws and other relevant steps.
  • ANO shall brief Reconstruction of the State about progress in commissioning an impact assessment study concerning legislation on Registry of Contracts. Since the bill has been debated in the Chamber of Deputies for one year now, ANO shall propose that the bill be included in the programme of February’s session of the Chamber of Deputies at the latest.
  • ANO shall work to ensure the setting up of a working group, which would define disputed points of the bill on financing political parties, and present a timetable of debates. Reconstruction of the State shall communicate its position on an independent supervisory body to representatives of the ANO Movement.
  • Chairman Babiš shall invite Minister Dienstbier by letter to present an executive bill on extending the powers of the Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ) and concerning an amendment to the law on the conflict of interest and the declaration of assets.

We shall meet with ANO Movement deputies – guarantors of individual issues – in December, and meet in the same format with the Chairman of the ANO Movement, in mid-January.