What’s the situation with the Reconstruction bills?

Politics without Secret Sponsors – Responsible Minister: Milan Chovanec (ČSSD)

According to the legislative plan, Chovanec was supposed to present the bill to the cabinet in September. However, the bill is still in the pipeline, since the coalition council first must decide if it actually supports an independent supervisory body. Debate on this point has been repeatedly postponed.

Supreme Audit Office Independently Audits State-Owned Enterprises – Responsible Minister: Jiří Dienstbier (ČSSD)

The Senate waits for an executive bill on Constitutional Amendments, which Dienstbier is expected to submit for comments in December, and put forth in government in the course of January. The bill should have been presented in December, according to the original schedule of works.

Politicians Present Declarations of Assets on Taking Office – Responsible Minister: Jiří Dienstbier (ČSSD)

Dienstbier should have delivered the bill to the government in September. However, he commissioned first analyses in August and legislative blueprints are available now. The government is expected to receive the bill by March.

Independent Public Prosecution – Responsible Minister: Helena Válková (ANO)

Válková abandoned the original draft, prepared by her Ministry in conjunction with public prosecutors, and drew up a brand new text, which in many ways actually enhances the Minister’s powers to supervise investigations. 

Transparent Nominations to Supervisory Boards – Responsible Minister: Andrej Babiš (ANO)

Babiš should have delivered the bill to government in September but said he would only draft a resolution instead. We are working to have the decision reversed. The Prime Minister has also rejected this solution.