Reconstruction of the State reshuffles management: Three member organizations replace Transparency International as guarantors

The management of Reconstruction of the State will change. David Ondráčka, head of Transparency International Czech Republic, will cease to be one of the three guarantors of the project. Transparency International ČR will no longer participate in Reconstruction of the State. “TI plans to concentrate on new projects and issues. We consider Reconstruction of the State a successful campaign as it put on the agenda important anti-corruption issues and we of course continue to support its goal of enforcing nine anti-corruption laws,” says David Ondráčka. Among other activities, TI will continue working on their traditional legislative topics, namely legislation concerning the public prosecution and political party financing.

Following Ondráčka’s exit, the number of guarantors―a de facto board of directors of the coalition―will increase to five. In the course of February, the guarantors agreed the changes and last week a plenary session of the organizations that support this project proposed as its guarantors selected members of the following organizations:  Open Society, Centre of Applied Economics (zIndex), and the Naši politici . The remaining guarantors are Martin Kameník from Oživení and Pavel Franc from Frank Bold. The change of the guarantors’ setup shall be made within two weeks’ time.

“Reconstruction of the State is not a political party or movement. Our endeavour is to set up the broadest possible platform for organizations, business people and politicians, who would agree a minimum of measures to improve the rules of democratic governance,” says Pavel Franc, director of Frank Bold. “We regret that Transparency International ceased to be part of the coalition. But on the other hand, I am happy to see new groups of supporters of the common idea joining our ranks.”

For more information, please contact:
Nikola Hořejš, Reconstruction of the State, 775 210 214