Newsletter: Government exits hibernation, enters the fray

As Mother Nature begins her springtime blooming, the cabinet too is waking up. Over the last month, its members have presented a total of four bills from Reconstruction of the State’s list (submitting three for comments and sending one on to the Chamber of Deputies in April). While it recently seemed they had forgotten their election promises, the coalition leaders now want to pass all the bills this year. We can’t wait!

Read our newsletter where we summarize the recent progress of several Reconstruction bills. What will you find in the newsletter:

  • ‘The Mother of all Bills’ goes to the House
  • Party financing under control?
  • Hard facts sharpen views: independent audits in place for 23 EU states, Czech Republic not among them
  • Who will keep an eye on state enterprises?
  • State prosecution: The Pelican Brief
  • Odd and ends...

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