Poláková, Taclík, Show Host Černý and other celebrities start watching “Anti-eclipse”

Videos and rallies warn this week that the bill on the register of contracts is being surreptitiously shifted to next government. House has last chance to pass bill in July’s third reading so it comes to effect before next parliamentary elections.

Poláková, Taclík, Show Host Černý and other celebrities start watching “Anti-eclipse”

“Attention, please, the first “Anti-eclipse in 25 years could be seen in the Czech Republic!  Bohuslav Sobotka says parliament will debate until 8 July 2015 if all state and municipal contracts are to be posted on the internet so everyone could see how much was spent and for what. But according to astronomers, Sobotka might have been at least 200 years amiss, and a suitable anit-ecliptical constellation in parliament won’t occur until about AD 2349,” write the authors of the Facebook event, Watching Anti-eclipse, which has more than one thousand likes.

The bill on the register of contracts has the last chance to pass its second reading this week, and third in July, to prevent its coming into force being postponed till the next administration takes office. The organizations associated in the Reconstruction of the State platform have therefore produced videos and staged appropriate rallies. The likes of Bára Poláková, Simona Babčáková, Jan Budař, Marek Taclík, Martha Issová, Otakar Černý, Vilém Čok and other popular entertainers are all set to support the project.

Since last week the general public has had a chance to participate in events with a live counter, which warns that every week, more than 13 billion crowns are skimmed from public funds without it being necessary to disclose what for. The sum has exceeded 312 billion crowns since the start of the year. The momentary score can be seen on www.odtemneni.cz.

Videos produced in cooperation with Družina Studio can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/events/847721198645247/

Photos from events and the campaign can be provided upon request, view the gallery here: https://www.rekonstrukcestatu.cz/cs/o-projektu#odtemneni-2015

Information about the last-known version of the bill is available in the press release below: https://www.rekonstrukcestatu.cz/novinky/udalosti/informace-pro-novinare-k-registru-smluv-2.pdf

Information about how large a volume of contracts will be published in the register is available in this study by Centre of Applied Economics: http://cae.zindex.cz/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2015-05-18_registr_objem-smluv.pdf

Reconstruction of the State considers the bill a stripped-down version of its original expectations. Its basic principles were left intact, some objections to the original draft have been resolved, but the bill envisages many opt-outs and delays that the Expert Group thinks have no reason. According to the government plan, the bill, if passed, can take full effect as late as 1 July 2017, when sanctions voiding undisclosed contracts come into force. In the case of small municipalities, applicability will be delayed for two years.

General information about the bill is available in the Encyclopedia of the Bill on the Register of Contracts on this website: www.nejnejzakon.cz

Apart from being the most frequently postponed legislation, the Encyclopedia authors regard the bill also as the simplest and most often debated motion (having been discussed by two successive governments and the committees of two successive lower houses and earning two separate impact assessment studies).

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