Newsletter: The Czech Government’s Bold Summer

Newsletter: The Czech Government’s Bold Summer

Both Parliament and the cabinet have had an exceptionally reconstruction-oriented summer so far. First lawmakers passed the long-delayed bill on the Register of Contracts on the second reading, and then the cabinet followed their lead by endorsing steps that add transparency to political party financing and amending the act on conflicts of interests. These key pieces of legislation are not exactly popular among politicians, so a great deal of courage was surely needed to push them through. It’s a pity the government took so long to “make the break”; it is no longer certain we will actually see the laws come into force before the end of this election period. It all depends on how serious the politicians are about getting things done. The deputies will have a chance to show us soon—during their plenary meeting in September.

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  • The Cabinet Approves Fever and Dysentery. How Could It Be?! Transparent financing of political parties and election campaigns, including an excerpt from an interview with David Rath.
  • Chancellor Mynář’s Lucky Day. More on an amendment to the law on conflicts of interests.
  • Will Vlastík Plamínek Be Right? Recent developments of the Bill on the Register of Contracts.

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