Preparing data on advocating “reconstruction” laws two years after elections

The Reconstruction of State platform is working to present an information package on the progress of eight “Reconstruction” laws in the field of transparency, good governance and anti-corruption efforts. It will be based on the data from the voting in the committees and plenary meetings of both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, while also reflecting measures taken by cabinet ministers to facilitate or hamper legislative initiatives. It will also include the history of the most frequently debated bills, and assessments provided by experts.

We would like to make an assessment of the past two years in conjunction with our partners and the politicians themselves. Our objective is to present an unbiased assessment of the information about the progress of the bills so as not to distort the data and facts in any way, and to see to it that there are no errors and imprecisions involved. We also hope to present the politicians involved in the lawmaking process with an elucidation on our data-collection method in order to make the process completely transparent.

Reconstruction of the State will therefore discuss the outputs with the following subjects:

  • Advisors and partners of the project from the ranks of civil society organisations, chambers of commerce, associations, business, foreign embassies, and academic institutions;
  • Deputies and Senators actively involved in the legislative processes of the laws;
  • Volunteer civic ambassadors of the Reconstruction of the State platform;
  • Party leaders and cabinet ministers who would be interested in personal presentation and/or provision of the data;
  • Source data—a database of scores of draft amendments and voting protocols—provided to journalists and data analysts.

Results of these consultations and discussions will be publicly presented (most likely) in the first half of November 2015. This, however, will depend on our capacities and the feedback provided by our partners.