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About Reconstruction of the State

About Reconstruction of the State

Reconstruction of the State promotes smart laws for a modern and fair state. We advocate for politics without corruption and public administration that meets the demands of the 21st century.

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Reconstruction of the state proposes systemic measures for a state we can be proud of. A modern and friendly state that is a partner of its citizens. We advocate for laws to reduce corruption, we promote rules for stronger public control of politicians and more efficient use of public money. And most importantly, we protect citizens' rights in areas where they are sometimes forgotten.
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Our projects for modern and fair state

Limiting the Space for Corruption

Corruption remains a serious problem, affecting public budgets and undermining trust in democracy. The Czech Republic needs a systemic solution. Dealing with one corruption case after another will not result in a sustainable change. We will push for laws that will reduce the space for corruption and clientelism. We will work towards providing tools that citizens could use to check what their elected representatives are doing.

Effective and Independent State Administration

The Czech state administration is not flourishing. Furthermore, no expert wants to work for it. We want to shorten queues at the offices, streamline the implementation of reforms, but most importantly, save public money. The state administration will finally start to work economically while delivering quality services. This will improve the lives of not only citizens, but also of the civil servants themselves.

Fair and Open Politics

Lobbying is an important and legitimate part of the policy-making process. However, it must not include secret meetings between politicians and shady businessmen. Transparent lobbying will reduce the space for corruption, the promotion of hidden interests by foreign powers and, hopefully, restore some confidence in politics. A clearer legislative process, fairer electoral rules and independent supervision of the integrity of elections, will facilitate our goal of fair and open politics.

Effective and Corruption-free Public Procurement

The Czech Republic spends hundreds of billions on public procurement. There are significant cases of inefficient spending and corruption lost inside the tendering system. Incompetent contracting and corruption deform the market and discourage fair businessmen to join the competition for public contracts. The system itself is also very complicated and needs to be reformed. The contest should not take the cheapest offer into account, but it should prefer the best quality in many cases.

Reconstruction of the state is an NGO that promotes laws for a transparent and effective state without corruption. We want the Czech republic as a modern, democratic, just and approachable state. Reconstruction of the state was founded in 2013 by a team of lawyers and advocates from the organisation Frank Bold. It is composed of lawyers, experts on public administration, economists and everybody, who cares about transparent and responsible politics. We all work together to advocate for solutions with broad expert support.

Our projects to support free society

Freedom of Expression Online

We know that freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. And we also know that the internet is no longer just a place to watch cute videos. That's why we need to protect freedom of expression in the digital space. And we can do this through Czech and European legislation – for example, the Digital Service Act of the EU and other important legislation.

Resilient Czechia

The war in Ukraine has exposed the deficiencies in the security of our country. We want to ensure that we have sufficient tools to identify the assets and business activities of foreign agents and thus prevent money laundering benefiting undemocratic regimes. We want to strengthen the impact of the EU and Czech sanctions against the Kremlin´s regime. 

We encourage European cooperation and solutions in problematic areas such as tax havens, transit accounts and tracking of the property of sanctioned persons. We want a more resilient Czechia in a more resilient Europe. For more information, see the website of Resiliant Czechia, and the website of Resilient Europe

Independent Media

Independent media is one of the pillars of a functioning democracy. Stronger laws will support public service media and their political neutrality. We will prevent conflicts of interest so that private media do not become a mouthpiece for politicians. For more information, see the website of Independent Media project.

Network for the Protection of Democracy

The founder of independent Czechoslovakian state, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk is the author of one popular quote among czech politicians and activists: "Well, we've already got democracy, now we need some more democrats." Reconstruction of the state has created the Network for the protection of democracy. This network connects people and organisations that agree on democratic values, respect for constitutionalism, and human rights.

We promote democratic thinking, point out/call attention to potential threats and organize a collective response countering these threats. We also produce expert reports on current trends, successes and weaknesses of Czech democracy every single half-year.

Financing of the Reconstruction of the State

Reconstruction of the State acquires all funds from private donors and public grants. We accept donations in our transparent account according to predetermined rules. We emphasize that our funding is not connected to any political party or politician. This allows our anti-corruption NGO to be a truly independent and unbiased activity of citizens, who demand better anti-corruption laws.

Since 2013 we’ve been helping politicians to stay within the rules of democracy and not to squander public funds. Take a look at what we've managed to accomplish so far.

Contact person - head of expert team of the Reconstuction of the state

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